990763 Truck Air Trumpet Single 120db 45cm (No Pump)

990763 Truck Air Trumpet Single 120db 45cm (No Pump)


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- The product itself without air pump, If you do not have air pump, need to buy air pump. With the air pump, be sure to remove the original horn on the solenoid valve, then install the gas nozzle and the pump outlet connected.
- Blares out 120dB loud and powerful warning voice, easily catching everyone's attention
- Constructed of premium-quality material to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage, and is designed to be weather resistant
- Sounds safety and clear, suitable for trucks and all types automobiles.



Caliber: 90mm

Resistance: 1Ω

Solenoid Switch: 24V 3A 

Volume: 115±5 Db

Frequency: 680Hz


Please check pictures for more details.

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