990371 270PCs Hydraulic Nitrile Seals Set Green O-Ring

990371 270PCs Hydraulic Nitrile Seals Set Green O-Ring


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This o-ring set consists of 18 of the most used o-ring sizes to accommodate a variety of tasks. The nitrile constructed rings resist heat, most petroleum, most silicone fluids and solvents. The o rings come organized in a convenient storage case with an included sizing guide for easy size identification. A great o-ring set for auto mechanics and machinists
18 of the most used O-ring sizes in one organized PVC case
Color: Green
Parts suitable for garden machinery and general workshop use
1x 270 Piece O Ring Assortment Set
Pack of 270 pieces comprising of:
20Pcs 7/32''x1/16" or 5.29x1.78
20Pcs 1/4''x1/16" or 6.07x1.78
20Pcs 5/16''x1/16'' or 7.65x1.78
15Pcs 7/16''x1/16'' or 10.82x1.78
15Pcs 7/16''x3/32'' or 10.77x2.62
10Pcs 9/16''x3/32'' or 13.95x2.62
10Pcs 11/16''x1/16'' or 17.17x1.78
10Pcs 11/16'' x1/8'' or 17.04x3.53
20Pcs 6.8x1.9
20Pcs 7.8x1.9
20Pcs 8x2
20Pcs 8.8x1.9
15Pcs 11x2
15Pcs 12x2
10Pcs 13.9x1.8
10Pcs 14x2
10Pcs 15x2
10Pcs 17x2

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