833137 500KG Electronic LCD Hanging Scale


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- 500 kg Electronic hanging scale consists of hanging pendant, load cell, A/D converter and LCD display.
- The high-luminance digital display of 5 bits and 1.2 inch as well as with word height 40mm, which can be read clearly in a remote distance.
- This type of crane scale uses an intelligent digital filter that can avoid shaking, vibration and swinging. It has stability of reading with the stability time less than 5 seconds
- It comes with functions of instant and delayed tare and automatic accumulation.
- The adoption of low power consumption design lengthens the lifetime of the battery and when the battery is fully charged, the LED display can continuously work for 100 hours.
- Being equipped with overcharge protection circuit, it will prevent the battery from damaging and shortening the lifetime.
- The function of automatic shutdown makes the battery life longer.
- The battery capacity can be shown (percentage showing) whilst start-up and shutdown will enable you to know the battery capacity straightaway, thus, you can select proper time for charging.
- This product has the advantages of stable ratio of performance/speed and convenience, and can be used on foundry circle, warehouse, mines, docks and factories.
Maximum Capacity: 500 KG
Division Valve: 0.2
Relative Humidity: 90% F.S
Safe Overload: 150% F.S
Damaging Overload: 200% F.S
Stability of the Reading: 5 SECONDS
Including Tare Operation 
Display: LCD
Working Temperature: -10 - 40 
Battery: 6v 1.3 AH battery