690116 Anti Birds Spining Mirror with Solar sound 40CM (LINZI)


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【Double the Protection】 Mirrors and loudspeaker to make it more effective and suitable for all sorts of birds to protect your gardens, power lines, orchards, fish ponds, balconies, security towers, warehouses, airports, etc. from any possible bird nests
【High-quality Material】 Made of lightweight anti-skid base, ABS insulation material, corrosion resisting material, high-tech solar panels, and a powerful loudspeaker
【360 Degrees Reflection】 All-round reflective angles with no blind spots
【Eco-friendly】 Wind-driven design and environmentally friendly, and solar panels to power up the speaker and save energy
【Harmless】 Safe and humane solution for repelling birds without harming them

Power lines, airports, orchards, fish ponds, balconies, transmission poles, electrical pylons, security towers, substations, farms, warehouses, workshops, food processing plants, ancient buildings, and other places to drive birds away and prevent nesting

High power loudspeaker, can produce 10 different kinds of sounds
Solar-powered design which lasts longer, saves energy, and protects the environment
High rotating, 360 degrees reflecting angles that will scare the birds away
Mirror on the top to scare the birds above, and a mirror on each cup
Smooth and decorative and doesn't need much wind to start rotating