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482137 DC 12V Self-priming Diesel transfer Pump Kit


482137 DC 12V Self-priming Diesel transfer Pump Kit


- Its principle of construction enables refuelling rates up to 40 litres per minute ensuring that the operator is engaged for the least amount of time possible.

- The integral anti-siphon feature ensures that no fuel is spilt in the unlikely event of nozzle or hose failure.

- For delivering diesel or coal oil to an oilcan or tank.- Ideal for filling forklifts, tractors and utility vehicles or just transferring diesel.

- Widely used in gas stations, oil depots, cars, ships, etc.
- Supplied with the complete set including: 12v Pump; Mechanical Meter; Four digit dispensing; resettable and eight totalizer non-resettable; Manual reset Start and Stop button.
- Accuracy: +/- 1%
- Hand Operated Trigger Gun
- 4 meters delivery Hose
- 3/4" Inlet Filter/Strainer
- Hosetails, Hose clips and so on.

* Specification :
Power: 150w
Max. Voltage: DC 12V
Suction lift: 4M.
Lift Distance: 15m
Operation Pressure: 0.4-1.2 Mpa.
Medium: Diesel oil or Coal oil.
Caliber: G 3/4"
Flowing Rate: 40 L/min

CAUTION: Please note that this pump is not suitable for gasoline, petrol or any other flammable liquids.

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