451725 Tire Air Compressor Pump Tyre Inflator Cordless


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(Battery Is Inactive)
Charger & Battery: 12v
Maximum power: 72W
Working Pressure: Max. 5.5bar / 80psi
Air Flow Rate: 7L / min
Noise: 69-80DB
Standard bicycle tyre adaptor
Ball adaptor
Universal adaptor
Extension tube with car tyre adaptor 2.5H charging time?Work for 18 minutes in a row? BS CHARGER LCD display screen
Supplied with 220V BS charger and Car adaptor, easy to charge at home or use in the car.
The car adaptor is to use when the battery runs out, it does not charge.
  • Attention: Li-ion batteries contain a protection circuit that shields the battery against abuse.

    This important safeguard also turns the battery off and makes it unusable if over-discharged.

    Slipping into sleep mode can happen when storing a Li-ion pack in a discharged state for any length of time as self-discharge would gradually deplete the remaining charge.

    If the battery goes in sleep mode, please use a battery activator to activate it.

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