451710 KATSU Digital Tyre Inflator


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  • 【Strong Power for Fast Inflation & Easy to Use】 Pure copper motor, more stable fuselage, and more powerful inflation, to inflate your tyres easily and just in a few minutes. Its 3-meter power cord and its 60 cm inflatable tube, make it ideal to connect to all four tyres. It can also be used for other inflatables such as basketballs/other inflatable balls, bicycles, motorcycles...
  • 【Auto Shut Off】 Preset your desired tyre pressure, it will automatically shut off when the proper tyre pressure is reached
  • 【Detection of Tyre Pressure & Tyre Pressure Monitoring】 The current tyre pressure can be displayed by inserting the nozzle into the end
  • 【Precise Digital Display & LED Light】 Precise digital display and LED light, to use it anywhere you like even in low-light conditions/at night and you'll be able to inflate your tyres just as easily and comfortably
  • 【Portable & Easy Cable-Storage Design】 Compact design, making it so easy to carry around and to take out on trips. The power cord and the inflatable tube have their own slots on the back to be tucked away easily


【 Usage Method 】

Step 1: Start the car
Step 2: Insert the power into the cigarette lighter
Step 2: Preset the inflatable tyre pressure
Step 4: Connect the inflatable orifice to the air orifice
Step 5: Press the switch of the pneumatic pump
Step 6: Stop inflating automatically after getting the set value

⚠️ Attentions: ⚠️

1. This machine is not suitable for inflating tyres of large and super heavy vehicles, such as trucks, freight cars, etc.
2. When in use, the automobile engine should be started to enhance the power without wasting the battery power of the automobile
3. This machine is limited to use direct current (DC12, 10A) power supply, not 220V household electricity. If you want to use it, you must add transformers
4. When inflating a car tyre, it is better to take a rest every 10 minutes so that the body can be cooled slightly and reused, so as to prolong the service life
5. When using, people should not leave the machine and pay attention to the tyre pressure at any time. The inflation should not be too saturated
6. After using the air nozzle of the machine, the wrench must be straightened so as not to wear out the elasticity of the rubber inside
7. If the car cigarette lighter is not clean and conductive, or if the fuse is burned, the machine will not work properly, so the user needs to ensure that the electric conductivity of the cigarette lighter is good and the fuse is not burned
8. The machine should avoid dampness, heavy falls, sediment intrusion and children playing to avoid damage


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