450756 21 PCS Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Tool Kit Set


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21 PC Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Tool Kit Set

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Please note, we packed this item the best we can do, but because the contents are very heavy the box might be broken during transit, we don't have replacement boxes and we cannot compensate.

Application: Remove and replace front wheel bearing with steering knuckle and strut assembly still on the vehicle.

Compatible with most front wheel drive cars & trucks.


Main Features:

- Reduce the chance of damage to hub and bearing.

- Also suitable for removing and installing large industrial bearings.

- Drive Shaft: 32 & 38mm

- Drift Sizes: approx. 55.6mm, 63.5mm, 66.8mm, 70.8mm, 72mm, 72mm, 73mm, 73.7mm, 74.5mm, 77.8mm, 82mm, 84mm, 88mm.

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