449949 Diesel Nozzle tester (S60H)


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Used to adjust and calibrate the injection nozzle opening pressure and to carry out leakage, spray pattern and chatter characteristic tests.  

For nozzle size R, S and T. 
In basic design with 0-60 Mpa (0-600 bar) pressure gauge.
In conjunction with a specially ordered pressure gauge, this tester can also be used for testing light crude oil injection valves

Package dimension: 47x28x19

Weight: 3.85 kgs

Working pressure: 0-600 bar
Fault and solution:
1. If there's oil but no pressure, then it should be oil leakage from seal ring. (Solution: change the seal.)
2. If oil doesn't come out from the outlet valve, maybe the plunger is stuck. (Solution: change the plunger.)
3. If there is breakage on the handle, it should be cracked on the bottom of the plastic shell. (Solution: Change the plastic shell.)

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