449774 Disc Brake Piston Spreader Tool

Aim Tools Ltd (UK)

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This tool separates the pistons in brake callipers in order to install new brake pads quickly.

Pushes the piston back squarely without damage to the piston face.

An essential tool for retracting the brake piston to allow fitment of new brake pads.

Suitable for use on most cars. Can be used on single piston sliding callipers, twin opposing piston callipers etc.

Normally operated with the supplied T-bar but can also be used with a 1/2" ratchet.

Capacity: 0~2 1/2" (0-65mm)

Suitable for most ATE / Bendix / Delco and Girling callipers, on most Alfa. Audi. Fiat. Ford. Nissan. Vauxhall. Opel. Peugeot. Porsche. Renault. Rover. VW.

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