4022763 Precision Press Drill Vice German Type 3" ~ 6"


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Manufactured from high grade cast iron machine faced and featuring rolled acme threads for smooth and quick operation, this drill vice is exceptional value. With generous jaw capacities and v slots for irregularly shaped work this vices will cope with the majority of clamping tasks the capacity will allow.

Available in 4 sizes:

SKU 4022763
Total Length (Ex screw): 155mm
Total Width (side to side): 140mm
Total Height: 50mm
Jaws Width: 75mm
Jaws Height: 27mm
Travel Distance: 70mm
Weight (Aprx): 2KG

SKU 4022764
Total Length (Ex screw): 190mm
Total Width (side to side): 165mm
Total Height: 60mm
Jaws Width: 100mm
Jaws Height: 30mm
Travel Distance: 100mm
Weight (Aprx): 3.5KG

SKU 4022765
Total Length (Ex screw): 220mm
Total Width (side to side): 195mm
Total Height: 65mm
Jaws Width: 125mm
Jaws Height: 30mm
Travel Distance: 120mm
Weight (Aprx): 5.5KG

SKU 4022766
Total Length (Ex screw): 250mm
Total Width (side to side): 220mm
Total Height: 70mm
Jaws Width: 150mm
Jaws Height: 30mm
Travel Distance: 145mm
Weight (Aprx): 6KG

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