402271 Quick Release Pillar Drill Bench Vice 75mm


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Pro-series quick slide drill press vice

Available in 3 sizes 

With this quick-slide vise for your drill press, you slide the jaws against your workpiece and lock it into place with the lever for a secure hold. The slots allow the vise to be mounted to nearly any machine table using common T-slot clamps. Made of high grade stress-relieved iron casting, with hardened jaws.

 It is solid and square for holding down wood and metal items in presses. You get your item in the vise and then the cam action of the clamp locks down the last 1/8th inch. Can easily move it around to various tables and tools. The area beneath the drill bit be open so you don’t drill the vise itself.

Made of high grade strong stress relieved iron casting
Precision ground
Sturdy construction for heavy duty work
Handle drops conveniently
Slotted base for easily position on drill press or benches
Designed For Applications Including Drilling, Tapping And Reaming
Low Profile Clearance For Increased Working Room On Machine Table

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