402159 Swivel Base Planing Machine Vice 125 to 320mm


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High precision machine planing vice.
Made from high quality steel, jaws made from carbon steel hardened and tempered.
Machine vice is an ideal attachment to milling, planning and drilling machines. It has large clamping power ,great stability and reliability ,and is easy to operate .
By utilizing cutters of different shape it acts as an auxiliary tool in processing ,various surface,slot angles and holes.
During operation the vice should he located on the machine table by locating key then tightened. Put the workpiece between the two jaw plates, then turn the handle for clamping.
During operation and transport, do not hit with a hammer so as to keep its original accuracy.
The vice should he dismenteld and cleaned after a certain time of operation. In order to maintain its flexibility,the movable parts should often be lubricated. 

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