40141500 Katsu trimmer Router Digital Depth Gauge


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Measure accurately and instantly to within a thousandth of an inch! This compact gauge includes a digital readout in metric or imperial as well as a steel rule. Measures from 0 to 3.2" (0-83mm). Perfect for measuring the height of router bits and saw blades, or measuring for placement of a dado with greater accuracy. Magnetic feet make the gauge self-standing for setting the cutter depth on router tables and it has a low profile for back fence adjustments. Switches between the ABS (preset) and INC (zero set) measurement modes for total accuracy.


  • Horizontal and vertical measuring
  • For hand routers, router tables, and table saws
  • Measurement range is 0-3.2" (0-83mm)
    Accuracy to 0.001"
  • Push-button measurements can be changed from mm to inches with fractions
  • Switches between ABS (preset) and INC (zero set) measurement modes
  • Steel rule has dual metric and imperial scale
  • Locking screw keeps the rule from sliding

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