347707 TopWay Manual Tile Cutter 800MM ~ 1000MM


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The minimum width of the cut tile:40mm

The thickness range of the cut tile:6-15mm

Product features:

1. Lifting handle: move handle to match with moving roller, easy to carry;

2. Comfortable handle: the design of the handle is ergonomic and more comfortable to use;

3. New design of machine head: it can enhance spring function, limit function of machine head and double pressure foot function;

4. Laser positioning: the newly upgraded laser infrared positioning function can effectively improve the accuracy of cutting;

5. Double-sided scale: double-sided finishing scale, using more standard;

6. Assist guiding ruler: can rotate 360 °, can perform a linear, slash, triangle, multi-angle cutting;

7. Limit nut: fixed the position of the machine head, so that the machine head and track slide more smoothly;

8. Four-leg bracket: new I-shaped support frame is adopted to meet the needs of multi-angle ceramic tile cutting.

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