311501 Digital Spirit Level Angle Finder 400MM Foldable


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  • 【Multipurpose】 Horizontal or elevation measuring, mechanical manufacturing, building, engineering, communications installing, home decorating, etc
  • 【Convenient】 Backlit LCD display makes it convenient for any setting + a mechanical lock to keep the angle invariable for more handiness during measuring
  • 【Precise Measuring】 Accurate and precise with a resolution of 0.1° and a precision of +0.5°
  • 【Data Holding】 Features a data hold button to lock the measurements for more ease
  • 【Measuring Range】 Suitable for measuring angles clearly with a range of 0° - 225°
  • Easily readable LCD display that shows the exact angle
  • Automatic shutdown after five minutes of inactivity to prolong the battery life
  • Backlit Design: Keep its normal use in the dark
  • Data Holding Function: Help the users effectively note the angle with ease
  • Low power indicator
  • Mechanical Lock: Keep the angle invariable to measure it
  • Measuring Range: 0 - 225°. The value of the angle increments ± 0.1° upon varying the distance

  • Measuring Angle Range: 0° - 225°
  • Angle Increment: 0.1°
  • Resolution: 0.1°
  • Measuring Precision: +0.5°
  • Working Temperature: -10° - +50°
  • Battery: 9V 6F22

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