212610 Pneumatic Air Chipping Hammer Breaker Pick C6


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1. Applications
1) Chipping metal small components in the industry of boiler, shipbuilding, metallurgy, etc, as well as other industry, mainly irregular or narrow surface.
2) Chipping burr, pour riser for all kind of cast and metal welding seam.
3) Chipping brick wall, blocked concrete mixers and concrete plastering .
4) To slit, break construction stone.

2. Technical parameter
Net Weight 6 kg (Without chisel)
Impact energy 10J/min
Frequency 32H/min
Air consumption 21 L/S max
Cylinder diameter 30mm
Air hose I.D. 13mm
Chisel specification 17.3X60mm (60 over the collar)
Air Pressure 0.63 Mpa

3. Use and maintenance
01) Pipeline should have air-water filter, air pressure regulator, and oil feeder.
02) Air hose I.D. 13mm, should be connected firmly with air tube joint to avoid leakage.
03) Please choose chisel according to technical parameter, and check its tail, the clearance should not be too large or too small, avoiding the chisel slanting and locked. 04) Before running, please make sure it has been installed chisel, pinch the head spring, and make its head pointing to working thing.
05) DO NOT run chipping in nothing, it may cause damage to some parts.
06) Misuse of the tool may cause damage or shorten its working time.
07) Maintenance is required weekly when in use. Disassemble and clean the moving parts with paraffin or other similar cleaning liquid such as WD40, dry and apply lubricant, then assemble and test.
09) For long storage please disassemble and clean the parts, keep it well oiled, seal the air inlet and the chisel hole to avoid rust.

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