151656 400W Portable Submersible Pump for Clean and Dirty Water 8000L/h


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Applications: Gardens,Yards,Swimming pools, Ponds, Flooded areas
Perfect for household and utility applications of transferring water from one place to another
Length: 10m Max. pressure: 0.5 bar Rated Power: 400W Max. Pump Rate: 8000L/h Max.Height: 5m Max. Depth: 5 m Max. Grain Size: 35mm Dia.of Pipe: 1" , 1-1/4", 1-1/2"
Suitable for working pressure of 4 bar
Product caliber: 1 inch Wall thickness: 1.2 mm Material: PVC (no off-flavor) Ambient temperature: -20℃~80
1 x Pump;Water Hose 1" 10 m connector 1"

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