151023 Water Pump Pressure Control Switch


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Hydrocontrol is designed to automatize the starting and stoping
operations of an electric pump with regard to a drop in pressure (opening
the taps) and to the stoping off the flow through the system (closing of
the taps).respectively. Furthermore, Hydrocontrol stops the pump when
senses the lack of water flow. preventing it from any damaging dry

It is advisable using Hydrocontrol with water systems whose water
is without sediments. In case it is not possible, it is necessary to
install a filter before the inlet of the device.

The pressure gauge checks the starting pressure value and the pressure
in the system.

Furthermore verifies any possible presence of water leakages in the very

Power source 220 -240V 50 -60HZ

Max current 12A

Operating pressure range 1 -3.5bar (14.5 -50.65psi)

Max allowable pressure 10bar

Max water temperature 55Deg

Max flow rate 80L/Min

Connection 1"

Protection level IP65

Overall dimension:165mm*170mm*85mm

Please check photos for details.
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