122178 Tungsten Hole Saw Set Core Drill Bit Wall Tile Ceramic Cutter Kit 33-83mm


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  • Set includes 5x hole saws, 1x universal arbor, 1x pilot drill.
  • Sizes include: 33mm, 53mm, 67mm, 73mm, 83mm.
  • Drill depth: 2-1/4".
  • Suitable for marble, granite, ceramic (non hardened), tiles, plasterboard, brick,mild steel & similar material
  •  A set of hole cutters made from carbon steel tungsten carbide tipped.
  • Suitable for cutting several materials such as marble, stone, tile, ceramic, plastic, etc.
  • Speed: Depends on diameter and material you are going to cut, as an avarage 1000RPM. for the diameter 83mm when cutting marble, smaller diameter needs higher speed.

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