10PCS TOPWAY SPC Click Lock Vinyl Rigid Core Flooring 1000x150x4mm


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TOPWAY 10pcs SPC Click Lock Luxury Vinyl Rigid Core Flooring 1000x150 1.5SQM

Product Description:

SPC is a new type of environmental-friendly flooring with the characteristics of zero-formaldehyde, waterproof, fireproof, mold-proof, and it’s simple to install.

01 It's not common plastic floorings

It belongs to PVC flooring. There is no formaldehyde benzene and other toxic substances occurred during the process of production, and it has much less radiation, so it's eco-friendly completely.

02 Eco-friendly

The main raw materials of flooring are vinyl resin, and natural stone powder, which is both non-toxic. Meanwhile all the products are produced according to ISO 9001 standard and CE certified.

03 Ultra-thin and wear resistance

The thickness of flooring is only 4mm, so it is lighter. And it helps to reduce building load and save space. Therefore it has advantages in both new property decoration and secondary renovation.

04 High toughness and super impact resistance

SPC flooring is very resilient and has a good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. It can disperse the impact on the foot and minimize the damage to the feet.

05 Anti-skidding

The wear-resistant layer of SPC flooring has special anti-skid property, it is more non-slippery under a water soaking condition compared to common ground material.

06 Fire-resistant

The fireproof index of SPC flooring can reach B1 Grade. The flooring extinguishes automatically within five seconds of leaving the flame and does not produce asphyxiating toxic and harmful gases.

07 Waterproof, moisture-proof, antimicrobial, mildew resistant and corrosion-resistant.

08 Sound absorption, noise prevention, seamless splicing, easy to pave.

09 Applicable to geothermal laying and it’s convenient to maintain.