SP10009323 Abrasive Flap Sanding Drum burnisher 180 Grit


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Granularity: 180(mesh)

Suitable for: Electric/pneumatic tools, used on high-speed wire drawing machines, uniform line marking, no blackening, wear-resisting, economical and durable

For the molding wooden furniture line, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metal products, the surface of the concave and convex surface drawing or pipe effect processing

Highly flexible design, high tenacity fiber and mineral sand, etc., made of special adhesives, designed and manufactured for workpieces with irregular surfaces and high surface effects.

Strong cutting force, clear lines, high gloss, softness, strong suitability

Coarse grain can produce various patterns with different precision, wire drawing,snow or wave patterns, and can quickly repair deep scratches.

The larger the mesh, the smoother the grinding, the finer the sandpaper;The smaller the mesh, the coarser the sandpaper and the gravel.


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