151410 Automatic Shower Washing Machine Water Booster Pump


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Made from copper wire, stainless steel motor housing and brass impeller the booster pump is widely used for the places where water pressure is not enough . 

Suitable for shower rooms, washing machines, gardens and other applications, can be fitted to water tanks, wells, pools and other water supply source
Water temperature to be sucked > 35°C 
Specification: Voltage:220V~240V, 50Hz
Power: 90W
Max Head: 10m
Max Flow rate: 18L/Min
Boost pressure up to: 0.8-1.0Bar
Noise: 68DB (If fitted on solid place like stone or brick, not wood or plasterboard) 
Inlet/Outlet Caliber:3/4" (reducers supplied)
Cable length: 1.1M
Motor: Copper Wire
Body Material: Stainless steel
Environment temperature: -2°C~40°C.
Water temperature: 5-80°C.(It can't be installed in the outlet of hot water tank direct)
NOT self priming.
Switch Mode:
Auto : The pump will be automatically starts and stop when open and close the water tap if the water flows through 3-4l/min, the pump will not start if there is no water or if the water flow is very low.
Manual: The pump will keep runing regardless the water pressure, be sure there is water through the pump to avoid overheating the seal.
Weight: 3.212Kgs

 A very small percentage reported to be faulty, we found the reason was wrong installation. In case you got any problem please do a simple test by installing the pump away from hone main water pipes, connect the inlet to any water supply (remember it is not self priming) and let the outlet free, use external valve to close and open the outlet, if the pump still doesn't work as should be please contact us.

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