151104 DC 12V High Pressure Self-priming Caravan Water Pump


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High Pressure with Automatic Switch For Camp,Caravan,Marine !
-This high pressure pump comes with 100PSI
-DC permanent magnet drive, wide torsion, high pressure, stable performance, small, light, easy to install, self priming, pressure automatic switch, thermally protected, low noise, liquid temperature allowance up to 60°c, acid, alkali, corrosion resistant.
-Intelligent?Excessive pressure control protection.
-Comes with Automatic Pressure control switch (when the pressure is over 100PSI then the control shutdown automatically ).
Open Flow :5.8L/MIN
Max head: 80M
Max suction depth: 1.5M

Max Height: 50m.
Pressure Setting:116PSI(8BAR)
Demension of inlet:6mm(1/4 inch thread)
Demension of outlet:6mm(1/4 inch thread)
Can be operated up to 15-16 hours constantly .
Can use PVC hose with 9mm inner dia and 12mm outer diameter.
-Can be used in application such as: Water purification, filter machine, spray equipment, cleaning equipment and fluid filling,and fitted to many trolleys and backpacks as standard equipment.

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