311194 Digital Distance Measuring Wheel Large 318mm


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This measuring wheel lets you measure long distances quickly and easily. Easy-to-read bright numerals on the digital display track measurements to 9999.9 feet or 9999.9 meters. The measuring wheel features a telescoping handle that adjusts to any user and a push button memory to hold or clear information. This convenient measuring wheel is great for measuring fields, warehouses, property lines or other spacious areas.
Pushbutton memory hold or clearLarge
Bright Display Screen (33mmx52mm) easy to see from a distanceReads increments to 1 in. or one centimeter
Telescoping handle extends from 0.6Meter to 1 MeterSmooth rolling 318mm. wheel with PVC rim

Power : 3V (two no. 7 batteries)

Settings (5 buttons):

1. ON/OFF: turn on or off the power

2. M/ft: adjust data unit

3. SM: five sets of data can be recorded during the measurement process. After the test is completed, press this key once, and the M1 is recorded on the screen as the first set of data, and so on.The FULL(R) flag will be displayed when the five sets of data are full

4. RM: this button corresponds to the SM key to read the stored data

5. CLR: when the data error goods need to be measured again, press this button to reset.

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