664323 Layflat Discharge Water Hose 1" 10Mtr ~ 20Mtr

664323 Layflat Discharge Water Hose 1" 10Mtr ~ 20Mtr


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KATSU Layflat Discharge Water Hose 1" 10Mtr Water Pump / Irrigation 664323

Suitable for working pressure of 8KG(0.8mpa)

blasting pressure: 3.9 Mpa(39kg)

product caliber: Φ1 inch

lining material:rubber and plastic (no off-flavor)

Material of products: it consists of braided layer and rubber-plastic lining layer. The braided layer consists of high strength synthetic fiber (longitude: polyester filament [international water tape material], weft line: polyester filament [international water belt material] lining polyurethane. 

product features: soft, light, small resistance to circulation, economic.

The wall thickness of water pipe is 0.7mm.

Under the normal atmospheric pressure:below -5 degrees, the water pipe will not get harden and  can tolerable 65 degrees.

Applicable place: residential area, business district, ship, industry, agriculture, petroleum, chemical industry and other

operation manual:

(1) hose connection: when the fire hose is on the water hose interface, it must be covered with a layer of soft protective material and then tightly secured with galvanized iron wire or hose clip.
(2)The use of water belt: When using fire hose, the high pressure water belt should be attached to the place near the water pump. The water belt should prevent the torsional or sudden bend after the water filling. At the same time, it should prevent the damage of the water belt interface collision.
(3)When laying water belt: When laying water belt, we should avoid the sharp objects and various kinds of oil. When laying the water belt to the high place, we should use the water belt hook. When laying the water belt through the main traffic road, the water belt should be padded with the bridge. When passing the railway, the water belt should pass under the track to avoid the water belt interrupted by the wheel rolling and discontinuous water supply.
(4)To prevent freezing:during the severe winter season, when the water supply is needed to stop in fireground, the water pump should be operated slowly to keep the water volume smaller.
(5)Water belt cleaning: after the use of the water belt, cleanit is necessary.The water belt which transport the foam, must be meticulously washed, to protect the film. In order to clean the oil on the water belt, can be washed with warm water or soap.The frozen water belt, first to melt, and then clean it,make it dry, wet water tape shouldn't be stored.

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