102395 KATSU Cordless Paint Spray Gun 1 Battery 2AH


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  • Suitable for painting furniture, fences, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, and for car repairing, high altitude operation and so on.
  • Adjustable Valve Knobs: Only a simple turning of the knob on the air cap to to adjust the painting area and then allow for 3 different patterns, depending on your application.
  • Easy Direct Filling Design: Just screw off the cantainer, you can refill the paint directly. Easy and quick, short a lot of time.
  • Handy & Light Weight: Ergonomic design for home owner, comfortable and easy to hold in your hand. With light weight, won't let you feel tired after a long time holding.
  • It comes with a viscosity cup that lets you measure the density of the material you're using and adjust the spray pattern as needed.
  • Rated power:120W
  • Rated voltage:18-20V
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh 18V
  • Frequency:50/60HZ
  • Spraying distance: 200-250mm
  • Rated speed:30000RPM
  • Width: 200-300mm
  • Air flow:160L/MIN
  • Viscosity: 8-12s
  • Paint flow:100-200ml/min
  • Material pot capacity: 800ml
  • Nozzle: 1.8 & 2.5mm
  • Quick charge: full charge in 90 minutes(You can spray five POTS of paint on a full charge.)
  • BS plug
Package contents:
Spray Gun, with a canister, a funnel, a spanner, a nozzle cleaner, two spray nozzles, User Manual, a charger, a Battery

1. Keep your workplace clean and tidy, never use the tool in hazardous areas that contains flammable liquids, gasses or dusts.
2. Only use paints, solvents or other materials with a flash point of 73 °F(22C) or higher.
3. Never point the spray gun at other person or animal. In the event of an injury, seek immediate medical attention.
4. Always read the paint manufacturer's thinning instructions before use.
5. You must clean the spray gun thoroughly after each use.
6. Do not pull the power cord to move this tool.

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